First 60 thoughts on Tibro


Anders Berensson Architects has created 60 visualizations for the old train area in the city of Tibro. The pictures is the starting point of a dialog with the citizens of Tibro on what to make of the area. Please look at our first 60 thought on Tibro bellow.

You can also send in your own suggestions on what the future might hold for Tibro to: Framtiden c/o Tibro Kommun 54380 Tibro

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project



Anders Berensson Architects has designed the retrofitting of the old ski jumping tower in Stockholm to host the office for legendary bike manufacturer Specialized.  Please click on the link bellow to read more.

Specialized project

Cold Couture


Check out Cold Couture our latest brainchild in search for spectacular new constitution methods.

Cold Couture project



Anders Berensson Architects has design the new office space for the e-sport innovation company Esportal in Stockholm.  Please read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Esportal project



Our previously lounged ”House Nr. 5 STUDENT COMPETITION” got a winner today! Now we finally looking forward to see one last master piece designed by a KTH student being built in Stockholm’s most magnificent street World Record Ville.  A huge thanks to all who participated and congratulations to world record champ Erik and Special mention Hugo!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In 2019 we look forward to see some handful of our projects being finalized. And of course look forward to designing some new hopefully even greater ones!

Welcome to the oval office


We just draw, carved and assembled our own office with the help of a  cnc- mill.  Check out our new office and the unexpected toy production caused by our eagerness to reduce material waste.

Oval Office project



Do you want to be the last architectural student contributing to Full Scale Studios ”World Record Ville” . KTH School of Architecture launches a competition to design a small allotment in Central Stockholm to be built next summer. The house coming out of this competition will be the last to be placed in the middle of the project “World Record Ville”, the only village ever designed and built by architect students in Sweden. To know more please read the poster hanging in the hallways at KTH School of Architecture.

Parental leave projects


I am currently partly on parental leave. Cocking, feeding, cleaning, changing diapers and pushing a trolley around town makes one calmer, cooler and happier. But it also have some more unexpected effects. This part time leave confirms a theory I’ve been pondering on for a while. When you perform monotonous no brain operations during longer time spans your brain starts working in the hidden and begins to solve problems and create ideas without you asking for it.  The brain is like a volcano, sooner or later it needs to  erupt.  Arriving at the office most puzzles are already laid, new Ideas has been born and the only thing left to do is to put things on paper. I might I actually get more done in a half work week than I usually do in a full one. So don’t be angry if I don’t answer the phone on a Monday or Tuesday when I call you back your project might already done in the hidden for free .

Another side effect of this leave is that when my son is sleeping for two hours a day, I can stroll around and tinker with things. Last week on the country side already resulted in two small animal like projects. The ”Windsurfing dragon wagon” and ”the pig looking spruce root”. The first one is a wagon for my windsurfing board built on a steel frame I found in the woods. The second is a project in the making, a root from a fallen spruce tree I debarked and sawed that right now looks like some kind of  wild boar. What will happen with the pig like root is not decided yet. The windsurfing wagon however has already been used for transporting my board towards windy shorelines. Even though it just took some hours to build it works great and looks cool so please enjoy my latest built project by clicking on the link below.

Windsurfing Dragon Wagon project

Book release!


Anders Berensson is proud to present the book release of  ”Full Scale Studio Fourth Year 2017-2018” . To learn more or to download the PDF please click on the link bellow.

Full Scale Studio Fourth Year 2017-2018 project

Tomas two-room flat


We have designed a small flat in Central Stockholm, Read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Tomas two-room flat project



Anders Berensson Architects has helped the center party in Sundbyberg  to propose a new future for the old military area Miloområdet. Please find out more by clicking bellow.

Milo project



A-B-A has been commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party to design three public pools to be sunken into the Stockholm sea. Please have look!

STHLM Pools project



Anders Berensson Architects was commissioned by the Stockholm center party to design a proposal for a new dense city are at Masthamnen in Stockholm. Please have a look at a city consisting of skinny wooden skyscrapers on top of a park on top of a city on top of a dock.

Masthamnen project

Homepage 2.0


We finally got our new home page up and running. Same content just smarter, smoother, slicker and better looking. Enjoy!

Open House


This Thursday 31/5 Anders is proud to announce the opening of three houses designed and built by his KTH Master studio, Full Scale Studio. Please join for an open house where you get the unique chance to visit all three houses. Please join us at Karlsbergsbro Kolloniområde 17:30-19:30 Hornsbergsstrand 20

Stockholm Floating Saunas


Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party to design eleven floating public saunas to be placed in central located beaches in Stockholm. The saunas contains a men and women sauna and dressing room plus a common roof terrace. The stairs to the terrace is becoming wider and longer in some locations creating springboards in different highs to jump into the sea.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!


2017 was a great year for the office with great new projects and we just moved in to our new office space. We got several projects on the drawing board for 2018 plus some fantastic projects that will be built this year. Above you can see the construction of the gingerbread edition of our skyscraper Trätoppen.

New office


Anders Berensson Architects are pleased to announce that we are moving to a new office in Stockholm. Our new office i situated on the top floor of the classic building Möller & Co’s in Slakthusområdet designed by legendary architect Ralph Erskine. Our new address will be Hallvägen 21 from the beginning of December 2017.

Full Scale Spring 2017


As a founder and teacher of Full Scale Studio Anders Berensson is proud to present the studios 2017 spring semester projects with some fantastic houses designed and built by students at KTH School of Architecture. To get the full story click here to read more on the studio home page.

Brussels Lecture


Anders Berensson will do a lecture at the Recyclart center in Brussels on April 19th. The lecture will focus on the firms work in Stockholm and how operating in the city effects our work. If you happen to be in Brussels on the 19th you are most welcome to drop by.

Pacific Northwest Study Trip


This week Anders is taking his KTH School of Architecture Master studio ”Full Scale Studio” on a study trip to the Pacific Northwest to meet some legendary American and Canadian colleagues, buildings, specialist and legends in the field of Architecture. The focus on the trip is on new fabrication methods. The trip is stretching from visiting small design build studios to wood skyscraper researchers to visiting the Boeing factory.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! 2016 was a great year for the office and it looks like it will continue in 2017. We got several fantastic projects on the drawing board all ready. Some of this year’s project as well as next years are hanging in the Christmas tree, If you click on the image you can have a closer glimpse of some of them.



Anders Berensson is proud to present the latest research from Full Scale Studio, Planterials. New building materials that do not pollute our planet invented from renewable living organisms such as Wood, Shells, Clay, Ash, Mycelium, Cork, Bark, Reed, Straw, Moss, Papper ……  Do not miss the opening Tuesday December 13 at the KTH School of Architecture entrance 16:00-19:00.



We like to do projects that raises questions often found in the specific need of a client, site, situation or global issues that needs an architectural answer. The questions and how we answer them becomes the backbone of our architecture and the given stories when we present our projects. Although we often deal with multiple questions and answers we try to boil down our process into one narrative that explain the overall design concept. We take pride in being straight to the point and clear about why and how we do our architecture, not only for the sake of presentation but because we know it helps us develop our project further when we know the logic and aim of what we are designing. Although we like this way of communicating, the reduction of narratives do have its downsides. It often exclude fun detours, thrown away sketches, discussions, excursions, episodes, sly tricks, processes or ironic turns and background stories. Things that sometimes from an architects perspective can be even more interesting to hear about than the actual finished project story. These detours and side stories are hard to showcase and would just be confusing to include in our presentation of a new project. However they can be fun to read about in another forum. Therefore we added the feature B-Sides. The home of the less developed outcast cousins to the well-produced good prospect A-Sides. You will find this extra material at the end of some of our new published projects and future ones. As a premiere don’t miss the B-Side of ”Eldklot” a bonus track named ”Erectus Grande”  one of our best detours so far that transformed into its own parallel project, a project that frightened and gave hope to the citizens of a midsize Swedish town.

Back in Full Scale


After a parental leave from my duties at KTH School of Architecture I am glad to be back running KTH’s Full Scale Studio alongside Anders Berensson Architects . I will try to keep you posted of some future events that the studio is undertaking. Meanwhile you can always visit the studio home page or get a sneak peak of our recent adventures below.

Material harvesting

This year the studio try to keep a low budget and a low carbon footprint by tearing down old houses and reuse its timber instead of buying new timber from the wood-shop.

Tearing down and old summer house outside Stockholm

Proud to be almost done

Mission completed

Lots of new timber to be reused for new Studio projects


This year we go mobile by building a movable tool-shed that is one bigger unit at School and divided into three smaller parts when out on the town doing projects.

Building the Tri-Shed

Tri-Shed Drawing and material list

Drawing of cuts


Tri-Shed Section

Double construction start


The office is proud to reveal a double construction start this week. In the north Archipelago of Stockholm Look Out Lodge is being built and plinths, construction wood and the sky tower is already up. In central Stockholm a new park made out of stacked wood that was designed just weeks ago are being built and will be finished in the very near future. We look forward to two great new built projects this summer.

Park made out of stacked wood with Tokyo cherry trees in them is under construction.

Sky tower under construction for the Look Out Lodge

Book release! Full Scale Studio Second Year


As a co-founder and director of the KTH School of architecture, Full Scale Studio. Anders Berensson is proud to present the book ”Full Scale Studio Second Year 2015-2016” containing the amazing work that has been produced during the second year of the studio.