Out of Practice, a new master studio starts at KTH School of Architecture.


Anders Berensson is proud to announce to have started a new master studio together with Malin Heyman at KTH School of Architecture. The new studio Out of Practice is designed to body build architect students through short focused exercises focusing on one architectural aspect/tool/muscle at a time. The Studio will explore a wide range of architectural aspects in search for new ways to do great architecture.

Upcoming lectures


Anders Berensson will lecture about our project “Tibro Train Tracks” in two upcoming urban development conferences: “Gestaltad livsmiljö 2020” on September 3 and “Planhandläggardagarna” on September 24. Both conferences are digital and in Swedish. Don’t forget to register by clicking on the links above. Hope to see you there!

Tibro Train Tracks


We finally summarized our urban planning project, Tibro Train Tracks. The project is an ongoing urban development project seeing the towns abandoned train track area as a potential arena for urban experiments. The one year project has been divided into three parallel phases resulting in 60 fast photomontages, 16 inventories of local producers and 17 urban projects and proposals.

The practice based research project has been funded by the city of Tibro and ArkDes (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design) to investigate new methods of urban planning connected to the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The project focus its research on SDG 11 trying to connect a participatory design with career and business opportunities in a plan with a resilient strategy. Please read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Tibro Train Tracks project

Outdoor Office


Anders Berensson Architects has designed an office building in the Royal National City Park Norra Djurgården in Stockholm. The house will host an office space on top for a famous Swedish outdoor company and an outdoor space for gatherings and meetings under the house. The building is under construction and the floor slab has just been casted. The house is expected to be finished this autumn. Click on the link bellow to preview some images.

Outdoor Office Building project

Zartmann House Article


Please read the latest issue of Swedish architecture magazine Arkitektur who has a long article about our project Zartmann House featured on the magazine cover. The new issue is in stores today so go and buy one!

Wood Stack Sauna


Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by legendary photographer and sauna connoisseur Mikkel Aaland to design an organic shaped wooden sauna in Ulefoss Norway. To do so we had to reinvent both the structure and the building physics of the modern Nordic sauna. The sauna is scheduled to be built this summer.

Wood stack sauna project

SN x Haglöfs


We just design a small winter cabin with a great mountain view in an outdoor shop in central Stockholm.

From today you can visit housing company Sommarnöjen show home at the Haglöfs shop at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Go visit and learn more about the two companies’ collaboration or click on the link bellow to learn more about the project.

SN x Haglöfs project

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 2019 has been our greatest year so far. In the picture above you find ten of our latest projects on the drawing board or who is about to get realized hidden as small teasers. We look forward to a brave new decade with new breathtaking projects!

Presentation at ArkDes of ”The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”


Today at 15:00 we will present our project ”The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” at ArkDes in Stockholm. The project is a practical based research project by Anders Berensson Architects in collaboration with Folk Lab and Tibro Municipality. The project, funded by ArkDes Think Tank, seeks to find new strategies of planning in the small Swedish town of Tibro. To get a good overview of the project please look at the video of project below in Swedish.

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project

Zartmann House


Anders Berensson Architects has designed a summer house in the Stockholm archipelago built by helicoptering building kits to the sight. Instead of designing one house we designed four volumes on two separate rocks defining a promenade among rocks, bridges, walls, windswept trees and terraces.

Zartmann House project

Tibro train track project: 3 Electric light gate Tibro Ljusvandring


Enjoy our fast assembled electric light gate installation if you are in Tibro tonight

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project

Tibro + A-B-A + Folk Lab + Pipe craft


After two days of successful workshops suggesting the future of Tibro train tracks with sketches, discussions and pipe crafting we go for a pyramid to day at the train tracks. Come and join us construct!

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project

Camp Fenix


We just design a transforming interior space in Stockholm built by locally harvest wood. The office space for outdoor company group Fenix Outdoor including brands like Fjällräven, Primus and Tierra transforms from office to showroom to lecture hall by flipping a central wall and by transforming custom made shelves. Read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Camp Fenix project

Tibro train tracks project 1: The Caravan office


We are proud to announce our new caravan office in the Swedish town of Tibro. During this autumn we will continue our work with the central train track area of the town and want to continue our dialog with the citizens of Tibro. You will find us at the central square most Fridays at lunch. Drop by and tell us your preferences and ideas for the train tracks!  When visiting us don’t forget to feel, touch and look at our newly black flocked caravan made by local Company Flex Flock!

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project

If you are in Almedalen


Anders Berensson will participate and show projects in a panel discussion curated by Mistra Urban Futures about development of public spaces through place making in Almedalen this Sunday. If you are interested and in Visby please join Sunday June 30, 16:45 at “Västsvenska arenan, Strandvägen, H551.

Secret Sauna on National Geographic


Yesterday we had a great time visiting Secret Sauna with Mikkel Aaland and his team from National Geographic in search for the perfect sweat! In about a year from now you can hear our thoughts about innovative sauna architecture and sweating while bathing Secret Sauna in the documentary series “Perfect Sweat”.

Secret Sauna project



We just made our contribution to probably the worlds largest scale model, The Sweden Solar System. Read more about Saturn represented as a glowing dome by clicking on the link bellow.

SSSSSEC project

Tibro Train Tracks wins ArkDes Think Thank


Anders Berensson Architects is happy to announce that we won the ArkDes Think Thank 2019 announcement for funds for practice oriented research as part of a team consisting of us, Tibro Kommun and Folk Lab. In a thought competition against 68 other teams we will get the chance to test our new strategy for urban development in the small Swedish rural town of Tibro. The project “ The Good, The Bad the Ugly” will take it starting point in an already existing dialog with the towns citizens. These funds will give us the opportunity to dig deep into the roots of Swedish furniture industry Mecca Tibro. Map its enormous resources in knowledge, machines and materials and connect it with the need of citizens, municipality and businesses in Tibro. The project will be a new start for the towns train track area in visions and planning but also in real physical public structures being built on site.

For mor info about ArkDes Think Tank click on the link bellow. .

To read about our already stared dialog click on the ”Tibro Train Track Phase 1” project link bellow

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project

First 60 thoughts on Tibro


Anders Berensson Architects has created 60 visualizations for the old train area in the city of Tibro. The pictures is the starting point of a dialog with the citizens of Tibro on what to make of the area. Please look at our first 60 thought on Tibro bellow.

You can also send in your own suggestions on what the future might hold for Tibro to: Framtiden c/o Tibro Kommun 54380 Tibro

Tibro Train Tracks Phase 1 project



Anders Berensson Architects has designed the retrofitting of the old ski jumping tower in Stockholm to host the office for legendary bike manufacturer Specialized.  Please click on the link bellow to read more.

Specialized project

Cold Couture


Check out Cold Couture our latest brainchild in search for spectacular new constitution methods.

Cold Couture project



Anders Berensson Architects has design the new office space for the e-sport innovation company Esportal in Stockholm.  Please read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Esportal project



Our previously lounged ”House Nr. 5 STUDENT COMPETITION” got a winner today! Now we finally looking forward to see one last master piece designed by a KTH student being built in Stockholm’s most magnificent street World Record Ville.  A huge thanks to all who participated and congratulations to world record champ Erik and Special mention Hugo!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In 2019 we look forward to see some handful of our projects being finalized. And of course look forward to designing some new hopefully even greater ones!

Welcome to the oval office


We just draw, carved and assembled our own office with the help of a  cnc- mill.  Check out our new office and the unexpected toy production caused by our eagerness to reduce material waste.

Oval Office project



Do you want to be the last architectural student contributing to Full Scale Studios ”World Record Ville” . KTH School of Architecture launches a competition to design a small allotment in Central Stockholm to be built next summer. The house coming out of this competition will be the last to be placed in the middle of the project “World Record Ville”, the only village ever designed and built by architect students in Sweden. To know more please read the poster hanging in the hallways at KTH School of Architecture.

Parental leave projects


I am currently partly on parental leave. Cocking, feeding, cleaning, changing diapers and pushing a trolley around town makes one calmer, cooler and happier. But it also have some more unexpected effects. This part time leave confirms a theory I’ve been pondering on for a while. When you perform monotonous no brain operations during longer time spans your brain starts working in the hidden and begins to solve problems and create ideas without you asking for it.  The brain is like a volcano, sooner or later it needs to  erupt.  Arriving at the office most puzzles are already laid, new Ideas has been born and the only thing left to do is to put things on paper. I might I actually get more done in a half work week than I usually do in a full one. So don’t be angry if I don’t answer the phone on a Monday or Tuesday when I call you back your project might already done in the hidden for free .

Another side effect of this leave is that when my son is sleeping for two hours a day, I can stroll around and tinker with things. Last week on the country side already resulted in two small animal like projects. The ”Windsurfing dragon wagon” and ”the pig looking spruce root”. The first one is a wagon for my windsurfing board built on a steel frame I found in the woods. The second is a project in the making, a root from a fallen spruce tree I debarked and sawed that right now looks like some kind of  wild boar. What will happen with the pig like root is not decided yet. The windsurfing wagon however has already been used for transporting my board towards windy shorelines. Even though it just took some hours to build it works great and looks cool so please enjoy my latest built project by clicking on the link below.

Windsurfing Dragon Wagon project

Book release!


Anders Berensson is proud to present the book release of  ”Full Scale Studio Fourth Year 2017-2018” . To learn more or to download the PDF please click on the link bellow.

Full Scale Studio Fourth Year 2017-2018 project

Tomas two-room flat


We have designed a small flat in Central Stockholm, Read more about the project by clicking on the link bellow.

Tomas two-room flat project