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Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party to designed Stockholm’s highest, densest and most environmentally friendly new neighborhood in the cities central dock area Masthamnen by building one wooden city on top of another. In the lower city we want to build blocks with homes, offices and shops surrounded by streets, squares and a living dockside. On top of this city we want to build a city of narrow wooden skyscrapers in a public parkland that connects the new area with the surrounding hills and city parts.

The new district can be divided into three main parts. The lower block city that is built on today’s dock level. The narrow wooden skyscraper city that is built on top of the lower city and the landscape of roofs and bridges that is connected with the surrounding heights.

The lower block city consists of 19 new city blocks with 6-10 floors and contain 2500 apartments, 60000 m2 of office space and about 90 shops & restaurants. The neighborhood connects to the few existing streets that surrounds the area. To the west, the area is connected to Folkungagatan and Stadsgårdskajen by continuing these streets into the new area. To the south, the area is connected to the new residential district Persikan and Norra Hammarbyhammnen via new buildings. To the east the area connects to Saltsjökvarn via an openable walking and cycling bridge. The existing ferry terminal is planned to be kept with some adjustments to its new central location. Office spaces are planned to the noisiest parts of the terminal and the neighborhoods are designed so that all apartments either look over the boats or get a good second view when the cruising ships are moored.

The narrow wooden skyscraper city sits on top of the lower block city. It consist of 31 new narrow wooden skyscrapers with 25-35 floors. These buildings contain about 3000 apartments, about 30 shops & restaurants. The flats in these skyscrapers will all get a great view, and by placing the skyscrapers with a good distance between each other the view is kept great from the roof landscapes between the buildings. New construction techniques such as CLT makes it appropriate to build high buildings in wood. Wood is the construction technology that releases the least carbon dioxide in today’s construction industry and is therefore the obvious choice to build a new Swedish city area in.

Masthammen is situated in a valley between three local hills. When entering the new city area you will often be at the same height as the roofs of the new district. Therefore we have chosen to make a Public Park on all roofs of the lower block city and connect them with bridges. The roofs and bridges forms a large public landscape that binds together all beautiful high situated promenade trails that already exist on eastern Södermalm. This way we also make eastern Södermalm easier and more beautiful to have stroll on.