Architectures of Transition


Anders Berensson Architects is proud to be represented in the exhibition Architectures of Transition at Bildmuseet in Umeå. The exhibition focuses on new architectural strategies of tackling our current environmental crisis.

The exhibition features three of our projects. Our previous project and workspace “Oval office” has been shipped to Umeå and reinstalled at the museum. The office will be given away to a lucky visitor after the exhibition.

Our ongoing project “Tibro train tracks” where you can see a short film about the project and a large 4,8-meter sample of the upcoming marble rock stage being designed right now.

We also made a new project “Bank of Norrland” where we turned our focus towards Norrland and its forest industry. A project divided into three parts. A Fiction part proposing the world’s largest structure of logs and the biggest man-made storage of carbon dioxide. A Facts part giving an overview of Sweden’s forest industry and a Full Scale Fantasies part consisting of three tables built to be located in Bank of Norrland.