Full scale test No.1; The Friggatto


ABA do not only design amazing buildings, as a co-founder and director of Full Scale Studio ABA also teach architecture students to do the same thing. These new kind of students are not only taught how to do visionary architecture, but also how to realize their ideas into real, breathtaking constructions for the World to enjoy.
The Friggatto is the 1st realized full scale project of the new master degree studio at KTH School of Architecture. Please take sneak peek bellow or click on the following link to read the whole story. The Friggatto by Full Scale Studio

Full Scale Studio have constructed a rolling, low coast, non-permit building thorough investigating regulating laws and building production. The house name is FRIGGATTO – a merge of two Swedish non-permit building types, the 15 m² “Friggebod” and the 25 m² “Attefallshus”. The design is based on how these two types can be combined into one larger house. The result is a 40 m² building divided into two parts; the smaller one on wheels, making it a “vehicle” that can attach or detach to the bigger one. With a very limited budget, but an overload of creative brains and hands, many new building parts were invented and second-hand materials were up-cycled as a great deal of experimental craftsmanship could be put into each detail.

The two houses put together

The two houses apart

Inside the ”Attefallshus”

Handmade windows with integrated tables.

The ”Attefall” facade burned with an old Japanese technique .

Inside the ” Friggebod”, Notice the black leather floor.

A non permit stair case to the roof terrace on the ”Friggebod”