Parental leave projects


I am currently partly on parental leave. Cocking, feeding, cleaning, changing diapers and pushing a trolley around town makes one calmer, cooler and happier. But it also have some more unexpected effects. This part time leave confirms a theory I’ve been pondering on for a while. When you perform monotonous no brain operations during longer time spans your brain starts working in the hidden and begins to solve problems and create ideas without you asking for it.  The brain is like a volcano, sooner or later it needs to  erupt.  Arriving at the office most puzzles are already laid, new Ideas has been born and the only thing left to do is to put things on paper. I might I actually get more done in a half work week than I usually do in a full one. So don’t be angry if I don’t answer the phone on a Monday or Tuesday when I call you back your project might already done in the hidden for free .

Another side effect of this leave is that when my son is sleeping for two hours a day, I can stroll around and tinker with things. Last week on the country side already resulted in two small animal like projects. The ”Windsurfing dragon wagon” and ”the pig looking spruce root”. The first one is a wagon for my windsurfing board built on a steel frame I found in the woods. The second is a project in the making, a root from a fallen spruce tree I debarked and sawed that right now looks like some kind of  wild boar. What will happen with the pig like root is not decided yet. The windsurfing wagon however has already been used for transporting my board towards windy shorelines. Even though it just took some hours to build it works great and looks cool so please enjoy my latest built project by clicking on the link below.