• Front view

    Front view

  • Interior view

    Interior view

  • Rosso corsa red details

    Rosso corsa red details

  • Rosso corsa red details

    Rosso corsa red details

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  • Front view open garage

    Front view open garage

A House For Two Ferraris


A House for two Ferraris is a building constructed to host to red racing cars.

The exterior of the house follows the style of the main building adapting to local traditions and heritage codes. The interior is dedicated to its two main inhabitants, two red Ferraris.

To match the color of the cars the walls, ceiling and details are painted in “Ferrari red” formally known as Italian racing red; Rosso corsa. A custom-made wall color was developed to match the classic red paint since normal wall paint can’t be mixed to become red enough. The only objects that is not red in the interior is the trophies wone in Ferrari racing championships. The lower part of the building is made in polished concrete and the low walls are cladded with leather crash pads in the same leather as the seats of the cars. All to match the inhabitants of the house.

Standing next to an old cultural heritage building with a gambrel roof, we decided to make this complementary building with the slightly less complex roof type hip roof to have a balanced hierarchy between the main house and the complementary building. The hip roof is ended with a rectangular skylight creating privacy as well as natural light highlighting the cars as well as the truss structure of the house.