• Six-finger mountain troll  carved out from the rock.

    Six-finger mountain troll carved out from the rock.

  • Adding walkable infrastructure

    Adding walkable infrastructure

  • The fireplace/meeting space

    The fireplace/meeting space

Boiler room

Anders Berensson Architects together whit Lettuce fits meeting places for humans into a fully operating boiler room when transforming its energy system.

The technical space has been a no-go zone for architects during the last decades. Heating systems change in a rapid pace from oil to more environmentally friendly non-fossil systems. These systems are not only better for the planet they also take less space, generate less noise and smell making the technical room a space to inhabit.

Being on new technical intense territory the design and building process became a step-by-step collaboration with different professionals. Treeing the space more as a terrain of an undulating landscape with pipes with functions rather than a traditional interior project. Finding Space and functions in the gaps between pipes making punctual interventions. This being one of the later projects made by a team working together for many years, we tried to fit as many professions as possible into the boiler room even professions that often don’t go there.

six-finger mountain troll carved out from the rock welcoming and leading visitors with a candlelight.

Step 1. To inhabit the space, it needed a proper entrance, The project started with a stone sculpturer carving out stairs in the rocks to the basement and making a six-finger troll welcoming and leading visitors with a candlelight.


Making paths and railings through a concrete landscap

Step 2.  We then rearranged stairs and railings to inhabit the space.

Step 3. To create inhabitable space, we started rearranging the position of pipes and barrels with plumber who was upgrading the heating system.

The fireplace/meeting space

Step 4. For the biggest space we created a big gathering fireplace next to the smoke pipe. The fireplace is made from two yellow brick walls holding two benches and a fire in the corner.

Step 5. We added a kitchen next to the kitchen draining pipes, with our stainless-steel kitchen manufacturer.

Step 6. We added a sitting piece and a loft made from local wood on the site on a sloping wall. With our carpenter

Step 7. We added a toilet next to the toilet draining pipe, with some helps from our bricklayer and plumber.

Step 8. We molded new bench and put seats on them with our tailor friend.

Step 10. We added a welcome tray and some other fine metal craft with the help from our blacksmith.