• The shrine with gifts

    The shrine with gifts

  • Happy miners in their new chapel

    Happy miners in their new chapel

  • The village of Potosi

    The village of Potosi

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  • Plan of the mine

    Plan of the mine

Capilla papa el Tio


After a llama sacrificial get-together in the highest located town on earth, we were approached by some miners that soon learned that we were skilled architects. Knowing about their dreadful conditions inside the mountain that is called “The Mountain that eats men”, we offered them to do a pro-bono project. We thought that maybe they wanted some light or maybe some nice upgrade on their old mine wagons. But the only thing that they wanted was to please Tio, a devil that is the owner of the mountain, where over 8 million people has died over the years. The conditions inside of the mine is so harsh that the only reasonable thing to believe in is this guy. So we decided to make a shrine were they could give Tio gifts.

We explored the mine and found a promising spot a couple of hundred meters inside, a place which was warm and ample enough to allow a comfortable gathering of the miners. Our dynamite expert refined our site so that we got a more eloquent altar and walls. After a couple of days the design was ready, a cavernous niche in red paint, an altar in silver and a path of silver stone slabs leading up to it. The ground was covered with okra paint, enhancing the redness of the place. A red wooden bench was put on the lowest level. As a finish we covered the shrine in glitter so when the head-lamps from the miners wander around it will reflect a magical shine.