• Rendering on deck

    Rendering on deck

  • Rendering from underneath the deck

    Rendering from underneath the deck

Double Deck


Anders Berensson Architects has designed the remaking of a porch in Stockholm into a gazebo hideout. When proposing a renovation plan for a private family we know that renovating a whole house is expensive if it includes to much carpentry. We usually propose to just fix what is really necessary and spend a bigger part of the budget on a smaller area that can become the jewel of the house without costing a fortune. In this project we did just that and focused on the house veranda.

The 1930th house is located in the ”Egna hem” (self-built) suburb of Norra Ängby in North West Stockholm. The house is small but well planed and in a decent shape. It is however in need of some new layers of paint plus some smaller building projects. One of those projects is the veranda that needs to be rebuilt plus its surrounding windows. The windows and glass doors we decided to make bigger with lager glass surfaces to get a more spacious feeling inside the living and dinning room that surrounds the veranda. The Veranda who is half floor above ground level also serves as a roof to the second entrance of the house.

This space underneath the veranda deck is also the view from the master bedroom. Giving the central position of the veranda we decided to put our efforts here. We decided to upgrade the underside of the veranda by adding a new floor, some new supporting walls and a new veranda deck plus a small pool under the veranda stair. The veranda deck/roof needs to protect the underside from water. We proposed to make the deck watertight by filling the gaps between the boards with colored poly-carbonate stripes. The colored gaps creates two visual effects. It cast colorful shadows down to the ground level at noon and in the evening it light up the deck above creating a colored floor.

The poly-carbonate stripes becomes small gutters. Each stripe ends with a chain that leads the water down to a flowerbed. The vines climb the chains and creates a visual protections towards the neighbors. On the same level right next to the flowerbed is a workbench that turns into a small pool underneath the stairs.

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