Anders Berensson Architects in collaboration with Swedish housing company Sommarnöjen has designed a new housing concept Duo.

Duo is two houses in one with two separate house bodies, one more public for socializing and one private part for resting. The two parts are separate from each other but are connected through a glazed entrance. The views from the social part are undisturbed while the private part is more enclosed. The clear division into functions in Duo means that socializing with guests can take place in one part of the house without disturbing those who want to go to bed early. Like the fact that some can get up with the rooster and mess around in the kitchen while others sleep in as long as they want.

The two-house bodies can be angled according to the plot and where the best views are. In the basic version, the housing bodies have an exciting angle of 105 degrees. If the site requires, the angle can be reduced to the traditional 90 degrees and if there is space, the house bodies can be angled up to 135 degrees.

If you want to know more about the house or are interested in buying a Duo please click the on this link to continue.