• Park in October

    Park in October

  • Park in May

    Park in May

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    Lunch tables

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    The park in November

  • Park in May

    Park in May

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    The park in August

Log Lego Park


Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by AMF Fastigheter to design a small, affordable easy to build pocket park in Södermalm, Stockholm. The park should be built just weeks after getting the commission so the concept for the park became to design a rapid and robust building system that could host the most common park elements such as seating, tables, trees and bike racks. Due to limited time the office investigated different of the shelves products to build the park from. The products selected for this project became standard square profile studs ”Sparre” in different sizes. The building system became a lego of these studs placed in straight angles to each other making a super simple structure to build that is both cheap, robust and smart enough to host typical park functions. By making every layer of studs protrude over the next the structure is really easy to add components too such as bicycle parking, benches and tables. The big voids inside the stacks serves as foundations for ten cherry trees. All cherry trees are equipped with a string of light bulbs giving light to the park during night hours.

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Log Lego Park front boxes

The light strand on Log Lego Park where put up later by an electrician. I told the project leader he should talk to me on site before starting with his work but I never got to meet the guy. Passing by the project late October one could clearly see that the electrician had been there. At the front of the park on the frame facing the street there where two huge electric boxes fronting the whole project feeding ten tinny light strands. I immediately asked the project leader to redo the electricity and get rid of the electrical boxes in the front. Although I disliked the electric boxes I had to admit that the frame facing the street looked pretty nice with some sort of box on it so I bought five bird houses to replace the giant electrical boxes with. I guess I have to credit the electrician for that Idea.

The park in August