Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned  by the Sundbyberg Centerparty to design a proposal to transform the Milo area ”Miloområdet”  from a closed old military area into a new city area with houses, sports and culture.  Today the area is consisting of two big characteristic buildings; A huge garage for tanks named building 77 and a thin but long house for shooting guns.  All thought the two building are in bad shape we wanted to keep as much as possible of them due to there unique architecture. We therefore decided to design our new additions on top and aside the existing structures and then reprogram the old buildings from military use into sports and culture through small interventions.

Building 77 is a huge building that today is a barrier between the residential area Ursvik and the Nature reserve Igellbäcken woodlans. We propose to reprogram this building into a sports and culture center. The big scale of the building makes it suitable for several space consuming ball games but also cultural spaces and commerce. To open up the area we suggest to make one big cut through the middle of the building to create an entrance to both the building and the nature reserve. On top of this building we propose to add a light wood structure with small villas in it. The area needs more houses and by putting them on top of building 77 we save good land for park and sport around the building but also create a neighborhood that is alive a bigger part of the day and feels more safe.

The gun range building we open for small culture activities, clubs and commerce. We do that by simply open the building up to the street right next to it and make divisions for different programs where the building is structurally divided today.  North of the building we suggest a visitor center for the nature reserve inside a new viewing tower where you can watch this magnificent area and learn more about it before entering it.


Milo version 1

This is our first proposal for the area.  A platform for stacking villas is placed around building 77. The roof is used for solar panels and the building is surrounded by an elevated running track, The track continues to a visitors center north of the gun range just like in the final proposal. The client thought this proposal was a bit to massive and hard to understand. Looking back with some distance to the project we totally agree.  This kind of megastructures is maybe a bit to odd as a city planning project in Sweden in 2018. We still like it thought and hope it might appear at an other time and place when mega structures with running tracks on top feels fresh again!