• The park outside Stockholm’s Ice hockey arena Globen

    The park outside Stockholm’s Ice hockey arena Globen

  • Site plan

    Site plan

  • The new park from Sockenvägen

    The new park from Sockenvägen

Nya Nyäsvägen


Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by the Stockholm center party to envision how one of Stockholm’s major highways Nynäsvägen could be transformed from a noisy barrier into a new meeting point through covering the highway. The highway that runs through the city’s southern suburbs is dividing southern Stockholm into an eastern and western part with very few places to cross. The surrounding suburbs are quite dense and monotonous and would all benefit from having a big green public area. Therefore we suggest to not build new residential blocks on top of the road and instead focus on giving the already dense areas a big public central park to meet on.  The proposed park will covered 2, 4 kilometer of the highway staring from Gullmarsplan just south of the city center to Sockenvägen. The length of the park make is big enough to host several functions and types of environments that can adjust its functions and moods depending on its surrounding areas. With this quite big but needed intervention we hope to unite many various areas of southern Stockholm in one big, green, public central park.