• Lounge area

    Lounge area

  • Lounge and office space

    Lounge and office space

  • Conference room

    Conference room

  • Comic Shelves

    Comic Shelves

  • Plan




Anders Berensson Architects together with Wallensteen & Co has designed the reconstruction of an office space for media Company Bulls in Nacka outside Stockholm.

The design concept for the interior and remodeling of the office has been to take advantage of the building’s existing modernistic qualities as well as highlighting Bull’s media production.

Many of Bull’s products are readily available entertainment such as comics, crosswords, and apps. These products are often colorful and stick out. Giving these a sober background and integrating the products into the interior has been an important design feature. In the lounge classic comics and crosswords are integrated into custom-made bookshelves for visitors to read. The editorial office part is allowed to be more spontaneous with white walls to be filled with pin boards and notes.

The building layout has a strict grid structure resembling an office tower although situated in a maritime context and being three stories high. In the remodeling we want to follow and emphasize this structure by dressing parts of the grid in dark wood panels as well as filing parts of the grid with wall-to-wall carpets in the conference rooms, office space, and part of the lounge area. The existing wood floor and new fixed furniture are stained in walnut color to get an old news agency feel to the office.