Sweden Solar System Saturn Space Explorers Club is a proposal by our office to be the last big representation of a planet to be built in the worlds largest scale model of our solar system. The Sweden solar system; a scale model in 1:20 000 000 starting with the Ericsson Globe Arena as the sun with representation of planets, asteroids and other objects situated in different parts of Sweden. While the other planets in the scale model have been sculptures in the size of balls except the Sun (Ericsson globe arena), Jupiter and Saturn have the scale of buildings and have therefore been trickier to build as art objects. Saturn is the last of all planets to get a permanent representation. We suggest that this representation becomes the second building in the Sweden Solar System. Saturn as a 6 meter in diameter glowing hovering dome situated in a small pond in Uppland!

The building, a dome shaped planetarium, observatory or just a tribute building to Saturn becomes a whole sphere at night when lit up and reflected in the water. Saturn’s rings form a floating path around the sphere enabling one to walk around and enter it. Being the shape of a sphere, structurally just dealing with pressure and being within a reasonable size “for a building”, We suggest making this dome out of stacked glass.