• Floor plan

    Floor plan

  • Kitchen


  • Kitchen drawing

    Kitchen drawing

  • Shower


  • Bathroom drawing

    Bathroom drawing

  • Wardrobe


  • Wardrobe drawing

    Wardrobe drawing

Tomas two-room flat


Anders Berensson Architects has designed the renovation of a two room apartment in central Stockholm. The small flat had a water leakage and needed renovation. When renovating the client took the opportune to do a total make over of the apparent. Except doing some small changes in the floor plan and proposing new surfaces the commissioned could be narrowed down into designing three new objects, a new bathroom, Kitchen and a storage unite.  Since the client owns a housing company with factories in Latvia the kitchen and storage where designed like ready made furniture to be built in Latvia and shipped to Stockholm. This building process led to a design with tolerances and adaptions for fitting in a ready made piece into an old apparent. This parameters affected the design in terms of adding tolerances to measurements and designing a unite adapted to the overseas craftsmanship in terms of treatment and material choices. The bathroom had to be built in Sweden due to technical reasons. The very small bathroom had to be extended with a shower. The shower space is designed like a bent marble wall reflecting daylight into the bathroom.


If you find the pictures of this project more fluffy and appealing then usually but maybe not so focused on the architecture then it is probably because they have been taking by a real estate broker. The client of this project is a fine but impatient businessman that sold the apartment immediately after it got finished so we never got to see it In real life. But we manage to download the brokers pictures before it got sold. We forgot the name of the broker but took the liberty to use it anyway on our web page since its the only material we got.