World Record Ville


KTH master studio, Full Scale Studio has designed and built a village of eight experimental allotment cabins at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm during a five year time span from 2015 to 2020 . The project is the first and only extensive long term project where a whole area of houses has been

designed and built by architecture students for real clients in Stockholm. The name World Record Ville refers to a rule that is added on top of the existing local plan by the KTH studio. Besides complying with the municipal regulations, each house needs to investigate an important architectural aspect and attempt to set a new architectural record within that aspect.

Being the starting point of a design build tradition in Swedish architect schools. The eight project shows the process and progress of starting a design build education. The first three houses 1-3 where prefabricated in a temporary factory “Full Scale Factory” at KTH campus. Since the site at that time did not yet exist. House Nr 4, 6,7 and 8 was built on site. House number 5 was created from a student design competition. Bellow your find a short description of what themes that have been explored and credits of students and teachers who designed and build world record Ville.


House Nr 1: Smartest allotment cabin in the world.


House Nr 1 was built during the autumn semester 2017 on KTH campus and then chipper to sight. The task was



House Nr 2: The most Valuable allotment cabin in the world,



House Nr 3: The Oldest allotment cabin in the world,


House Nr 4 The most Seamless allotment

cabin in the world,


House Nr 5 The first Light house cabin int the world.


Jury: Anders Berensson, Adria Carbonell, Ebba Hallin, Janeck Ozmin and Anna Pang


House Nr 6 The most Solid allotment cabin in the world,


House Nr 7 The best Patio allotment cabin in the world


House Nr 8 The most Maximized allotment cabin in the world.

The task of this competition is to propose a new topic to be investigated in a small 9 m2 cabin, taking into

consideration that the project will be handed over to a real client to build it and use it during the summer

months in Stockholm. The winner will have the possibility to design the final house which will complete the


it is the only addition of allotment houses in central Stockholm for over a

period of 50 years, but most of.