Squezzed Swedish Wood House


”A typical Swedish wood house that can be squezzed thourch a door” is a collaboration between KTH architecture and AMF-Fastigheter where AMF financed and collaborated with KTH School of Architecture by having students design and build an exploratory full-scale project.

Twenty-two students from KTH architecture’s, master’s studio; During the autumn semester 2021, Out of Practice was tasked with:

1Following drawings from the teacher, build a completely normal Swedish wooden house with the outer dimensions to be able to be squeezed through a normal doorway.

2 After building the wooden house, transform the house into a suitable function of an office that could offer a complement to what today’s office might lack after the pandemic. Students then redesigned the house into a phone/video meeting/rest room with a focus on changing the environment from a normal office environment. The main idea was to get a variation in impression, working position, light and sound conditions that the students felt existed in the home but not in the school/office.

3 Based on a common design, the students were then in five different groups to study in detail and build five different parts of the house with a focus on a sustainability perspective.

Walls with traditional stone wool made the house unnecessarily warm,

The roof The closed roof was opened up to allow air flow in the building. Since the roof had to be able to be lifted off and on the house during transport, it was made as a light wooden framework that is carried by two people. The roof also holds bags of water in it that act as a low-tech sprinkler system in case of fire.

The interior is designed to offer a contrast to an office landscape. It should feel easier to lie down than to stand up.

The entrance is thought of as a transfer zone between the office and the pod, shoes and jackets are left under the entrance door