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    Floor plan

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    Concept sketch



Anders Berensson Architects has designed the Showroom for the independent charging operator Eways in Täby Centrum. The design takes its starting point in the fact that the company sells more of a lifestyle than one specific object or brand. Being a company between the car industry and the green transport movement we tried to find a design that combines the expressions of both branches merging the minimalism, shapes and high tech expression of the car industry with soft natural materials.

Unlike most other stores in the shopping mall, Eways is a new brand. We therefore wanted to display the brand large and clear. The showroom also has a smaller amount of products to exhibit than adjacent stores which left us relatively free in how to do so. Based on these parameters, the showroom is designed as a large shop window where the brand and its products are quickly understood already from the shopping mall walkway. That’s why the four luminous pylons are standing in a quarter of a circle directed towards the walkway. The extended circles center point is in the walkway where the biggest flow of people are passing by. The four pylons represent the companies four target groups: private individuals, housing cooperatives, offices and clients from the public sector. When entering the showroom each pylon has a touch and test area for each group. The aim is that the clients can feel, test and learn more about how to charge their electric car when in the showroom, hopefully helping more people to go electric sooner when buying their next car. To find a balance between high tech car industry and green movement we worked with a minimalist design made out of luminous surfaces mixed with ash wood. Behind the showroom pylons is a meeting area for lager groups and a back office with workstations and storage.