• Entrance and locker room

    Entrance and locker room

  • Workshop area

    Workshop area

  • locker room cabinets

    locker room cabinets

  • Floor plan

    Floor plan



Anders Berensson Architects has designed the interior for Slazenger’s new head office in an old villa in the Stockholm suburb Djursholm. The design is a combination of highlighting the rich history of the company combined with the rich history of the villa.

The villa has been gently renovated with a total renovation of surfaces. White walls have been replaced with blue grey tone wallpapers. A typical oak parquet has been treated into becoming a dark walnut looking floor. The kitchen floor has been replaced whit black and white marble tiles. Key features of the villa like the original roofs and kitchens cabinets have been left intact and gently renovated. Lighting has been designed and installed not to harm the existing roofs.

The key additions have been custom made cabinets and portals covering whole walls making them appear as more a part of the house than as free-standing furniture.  These Cabinets show the memorabilia and new products of the company.