• Bar and office space

    Bar and office space

  • Cycle work shop

    Cycle work shop

  • New installed shower room for lunch rides

    New installed shower room for lunch rides

  • The tower in midwinter

    The tower in midwinter

  • Company logo an its negative

    Company logo an its negative

  • Axonometric overview drawing

    Axonometric overview drawing



Anders Berensson Architects has designed the retrofitting of the old ski jumping tower in Stockholm to host the office for legendary bike manufacturer Specialized. Since the ski jumping tower already had some great architectural features the project became a balance act of keeping key architectural elements, renovating old parts and fit the new program of the bike company into the building.

The tower has since long lost its main function as a Ski jumping tower due a lac of snow, a lac of interest in the sport and the fact that professional ski jumping nowadays demands bigger slopes. This, in turn, led to a lac of maintenance of the tower. Since almost 15 years the tower has gone through a long renovation process. The tower can still be jumped but only for junior ski jumping competitions. The location of the tower standing by it self on top of a skiing slope in a forest just a 10 minute bike ride from the city Center of Stockholm however still makes it a hub for outdoor sports. This unique location is also reflected in this projects program where a big part is connected to the biking slopes right outside the window. The program contains office space, that can be changed to host big biking events, a bike fit room, meeting rooms and a new dressing room to permit lunch rides in the surrounding nature.

Fixing, testing and selling  modern bikes is not an oily, loud or space consuming operation. To fit the program of a modern bike company into the tower was therefore relatively easy to do in a gentle way towards the building. In the new office area sits the original bar of the house. This one is gently renovated and slightly rebuilt to host the office kitchen. So is the original roof of this space.  New changing rooms with showers has been reinstalled to simplify out door sport activities. Most rooms in this building has something unique and the same strategies has been applied for each room. upgrade existing surfaces that has been worn down or don’t fill its function and keep and emphasize the uniqueness of the tower.