Stockholm Floating Saunas


Anders Berensson Architects has been commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party to design eleven floating public saunas to be placed in central located beaches in Stockholm. The saunas contains a men and women sauna and dressing room plus a common roof terrace. The stairs to the terrace is becoming wider and longer in some locations creating springboards in different highs to jump into the sea.

New office


Anders Berensson Architects are pleased to announce that we are moving to a new office in Stockholm. Our new office i situated on the top floor of the classic building Möller & Co’s in Slakthusområdet designed by legendary architect Ralph Erskine. Our new address will be Hallvägen 21 from the beginning of December 2017.

Full Scale Spring 2017


As a founder and teacher of Full Scale Studio Anders Berensson is proud to present the studios 2017 spring semester projects with some fantastic houses designed and built by students at KTH School of Architecture. To get the full story click here to read more on the studio home page.

Brussels Lecture


Anders Berensson will do a lecture at the Recyclart center in Brussels on April 19th. The lecture will focus on the firms work in Stockholm and how operating in the city effects our work. If you happen to be in Brussels on the 19th you are most welcome to drop by.

Pacific Northwest Study Trip


This week Anders is taking his KTH School of Architecture Master studio ”Full Scale Studio” on a study trip to the Pacific Northwest to meet some legendary American and Canadian colleagues, buildings, specialist and legends in the field of Architecture. The focus on the trip is on new fabrication methods. The trip is stretching from visiting small design build studios to wood skyscraper researchers to visiting the Boeing factory.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! 2016 was a great year for the office and it looks like it will continue in 2017. We got several fantastic projects on the drawing board all ready. Some of this year’s project as well as next years are hanging in the Christmas tree, If you click on the image you can have a closer glimpse of some of them.



Anders Berensson is proud to present the latest research from Full Scale Studio, Planterials. New building materials that do not pollute our planet invented from renewable living organisms such as Wood, Shells, Clay, Ash, Mycelium, Cork, Bark, Reed, Straw, Moss, Papper ……  Do not miss the opening Tuesday December 13 at the KTH School of Architecture entrance 16:00-19:00.



We like to do projects that raises questions often found in the specific need of a client, site, situation or global issues that needs an architectural answer. The questions and how we answer them becomes the backbone of our architecture and the given stories when we present our projects. Although we often deal with multiple questions and answers we try to boil down our process into one narrative that explain the overall design concept. We take pride in being straight to the point and clear about why and how we do our architecture, not only for the sake of presentation but because we know it helps us develop our project further when we know the logic and aim of what we are designing. Although we like this way of communicating, the reduction of narratives do have its downsides. It often exclude fun detours, thrown away sketches, discussions, excursions, episodes, sly tricks, processes or ironic turns and background stories. Things that sometimes from an architects perspective can be even more interesting to hear about than the actual finished project story. These detours and side stories are hard to showcase and would just be confusing to include in our presentation of a new project. However they can be fun to read about in another forum. Therefore we added the feature B-Sides. The home of the less developed outcast cousins to the well-produced good prospect A-Sides. You will find this extra material at the end of some of our new published projects and future ones. As a premiere don’t miss the B-Side of ”Eldklot” a bonus track named ”Erectus Grande”  one of our best detours so far that transformed into its own parallel project, a project that frightened and gave hope to the citizens of a midsize Swedish town.

Back in Full Scale


After a parental leave from my duties at KTH School of Architecture I am glad to be back running KTH’s Full Scale Studio alongside Anders Berensson Architects . I will try to keep you posted of some future events that the studio is undertaking. Meanwhile you can always visit the studio home page or get a sneak peak of our recent adventures below.

Material harvesting

This year the studio try to keep a low budget and a low carbon footprint by tearing down old houses and reuse its timber instead of buying new timber from the wood-shop.

Tearing down and old summer house outside Stockholm

Proud to be almost done

Mission completed

Lots of new timber to be reused for new Studio projects


This year we go mobile by building a movable tool-shed that is one bigger unit at School and divided into three smaller parts when out on the town doing projects.

Building the Tri-Shed

Tri-Shed Drawing and material list

Drawing of cuts


Tri-Shed Section

Double construction start


The office is proud to reveal a double construction start this week. In the north Archipelago of Stockholm Look Out Lodge is being built and plinths, construction wood and the sky tower is already up. In central Stockholm a new park made out of stacked wood that was designed just weeks ago are being built and will be finished in the very near future. We look forward to two great new built projects this summer.

Park made out of stacked wood with Tokyo cherry trees in them is under construction.

Sky tower under construction for the Look Out Lodge

Book release! Full Scale Studio Second Year


As a co-founder and director of the KTH School of architecture, Full Scale Studio. Anders Berensson is proud to present the book ”Full Scale Studio Second Year 2015-2016” containing the amazing work that has been produced during the second year of the studio.

Bridges Beaches & Bars


Anders Berensson Architects was commissioned by the Stockholm Center party to visualize how the areas under the bridges in Stockholm would look if they were activated with bars, beaches, pop up houses, food trucks etc. Given the similarity to some of our office previous work we are very proud to visualize these political proposals and hopefully help them a bit further towards getting realized.

If you like this project you might also like these proposals previously designed by the office: “Under the bridge” and “Stockholm Water Fire Light”.

85% says build it!


During the last month our project Klarastaden has gone viral and has been featured in webpages, magazines and tabloids like Techinsider, Citylab, Dezeen, Inhabitat, SVT (Swedish State Television), The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Clarion, Metro, Architectural Digest to just mention a few. One of the news that made us extra happy and surprised is a local voting at the webpage 85% of more than 5000 voters says build it! We are uttermost proud to be crowd pleasers!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for the office and it looks like it will continue 2016. Anders Berensson Architects has several fantastic ongoing projects, which will be unfolded and built during 2016. Some of next year’s projects are loaded on the trucks above or written in the stars, ready for you to enjoy next year!

World Record Ville Opening


As a co-founder and director of KTH’s Full Scale Studio, Anders is proud to invite you to the studios latest realized project. Welcome to the opening of Full Scale studio’s 2015 fall semester project World Record Ville on Monday the 14th of December between 5-7 PM at the Full Scale Factory, Teknologgården, KTH Campus. This year you will be able to visit three amazing allotment cabins designed and built by KTH Students with the intention to three different world records. The Smartest, Cheapest and Longest lasting house in the world.

Painting at the Hermitage museum in Santa Barbara


On a business trip last week to Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City I took the chance to meet with one of my favorite persons on the US- West-Coast, Ted Gardener. While going through his book house project on The Hermitage Santa Barbara 20 I discovered that a postcard I painted and sent to Ted is now part of the Hermitage art Collection. I’m of course uttermost proud that my simple painting is now part of one of my favorite places in the US!

I realize that this type of news is hard to understand without some explanation. Both my postcards and the Hermitage have until now been two personal projects that neither me nor Ted have had any interest in sharing. But since Ted has turned one of my postcards into art by displaying it as art in his art museum ” The Book House” and since the Hermitage no longer is a secret and is actually open for public (two times a month if you book a tour) I might as well promote his fantastic place with my little painting in it.

The Postcards



The postcards don’t need that much explanation. I travel a lot to beautiful places, meet beautiful people and sometimes their beautiful work. When I stumble upon great work I want to store it in my brain. I learn by doing, so by painting a place I simply remember it better. When I’m finished painting it I don’t really have any use for the painting.

I also want to thank the people that walk the extra mile to make the world a more fun and beautiful place so I usually send the painting to them with some kind words on the back explaining my love to them and their work.

Last year me and some friends stumbled upon the Hermitage in Santa Barbara and got a tour of the amazing place. So I painted it from my favorite angle and posted it to Ted with some kind words on the back when I returned to Sweden. Since my postcards are personal letters to people I admire I have not seen any reason to show them in public, but since this particular postcard got upgraded from postcard to ”art” and is out on display I now proudly show it on my website.

The Hermitage Santa Barbara At 20

The Hermitage is a bit harder to explain and I’m not sure that I make it justice when I try to describe it. Just like most beautiful places it is almost impossible to explain and should perhaps not be so since it never was the intention in the first place. The Santa Barbara Hermitage should be enjoyed and the best way is of course to just visit the place and see for yourself.
The Hermitage consists of three houses and when I say house I mean a place with an inner space that you can enter and use. From the outside the houses could be mistaken for sculptures and it seems like most of them started that way, became too big, got an inside and became a house. At least that’s how the Book House happened according to Ted. The three houses is ”The Book House” witch is a pile of huge books that contains an art museum, the second house looks like a happy space shuttle and it is Teds studio space and the third one goes in the same style but looks more like a house and it is Teds home. The estate is filled with different pieces of art/objects. The great thing about all these objects from my perspective is the un-pretentiousness of them. Ted doesn’t seem to box things like a usual person. If it’s an art object, an architectural object, a fake, a copy, a shitty object, a great object, a poem, a rhyme, a cactus, a plant, or a joke doesn’t seem to matter and it seems to be no hierarchy between them. He just makes or buy what hi likes and just put it in his garden and houses. Ted told me that he started this collection by copying a sculpture that he could not afford to buy. And when I talk to him it seem like hi has no ambitions of being an artist. My feeling is that he just filled his life with physical things that he wanted. He just get ideas that he has to follow through and he has been doing that for the last decades and the Hermitage is the outcome of that. I believe that there was never the intention to build a museum in the first place, it just grew to be become one. When it started to look like a museum he turned his home slowly into one. When someone just do what he wants to do for his own personal joy for decades all small things adds up to something great and personal, quantity becomes quality, While walking on his estate and seeing the massive amount of work you slowly learn Teds personal language and start to enjoy to be in Teds world and it is a more fun and colorful world with great ambitions compared to many other ones.

200 meter fens made by spray painted used bikes

Teds Space shuttle studio

Wisdom words in the garden


Bumper Bear

Inside the art museum with my small postcard.

Wisdom words

Book release! Full Scale Studio


As a co-founder and director of the KTH School of architecture, Full Scale Studio. AB is proud to present the book ”Full Scale Studio First Year 2014-2015” containing the amazing work that has been produced during the first year of the studio. If you want one you can get one for free if you contributed to the studio last year or pay an extensive amount of money for the book that will be part of founding next years studio projects. Please contact the studio if you want to make a deal.

Full scale test No.1; The Friggatto


ABA do not only design amazing buildings, as a co-founder and director of Full Scale Studio ABA also teach architecture students to do the same thing. These new kind of students are not only taught how to do visionary architecture, but also how to realize their ideas into real, breathtaking constructions for the World to enjoy.
The Friggatto is the 1st realized full scale project of the new master degree studio at KTH School of Architecture. Please take sneak peek bellow or click on the following link to read the whole story. The Friggatto by Full Scale Studio

Full Scale Studio have constructed a rolling, low coast, non-permit building thorough investigating regulating laws and building production. The house name is FRIGGATTO – a merge of two Swedish non-permit building types, the 15 m² “Friggebod” and the 25 m² “Attefallshus”. The design is based on how these two types can be combined into one larger house. The result is a 40 m² building divided into two parts; the smaller one on wheels, making it a “vehicle” that can attach or detach to the bigger one. With a very limited budget, but an overload of creative brains and hands, many new building parts were invented and second-hand materials were up-cycled as a great deal of experimental craftsmanship could be put into each detail.

The two houses put together

The two houses apart

Inside the ”Attefallshus”

Handmade windows with integrated tables.

The ”Attefall” facade burned with an old Japanese technique .

Inside the ” Friggebod”, Notice the black leather floor.

A non permit stair case to the roof terrace on the ”Friggebod”

You want to spend some cash?


Some of my Students in Full Scale Studio needs some money to realize this humble caravan project. Give them some! I promise they will not disappoint you.


Guest Harbor in Malmö


Guest Harbor will be exhibited at Form Design Center in Malmö from the 15 of April.
The Exhibition will contain a poster and a model of the proposals in the book 25 m2. Since we did not have time to build a model we let Pia Wågmark a residence of Malmö build one and show how she would put a pool with a boat in it in here garden at Limham/Malmö. The result a fantastic and colorful architectural model of a pink pool with in an old sailing ship in it. Do not miss to watch the model live at FDC in Malmö.

Building the model

Model from above

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Baked by AB and Lotta Wågmark

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The office has several new interesting projects that will start in 2015 and we will try to keep this home page updated as often as possible. But for now we can only publish this beautiful and smart gingerbread proposal. The debated traffic carousel Slussen in Stockholm moved to Skansen as a fun, well functioning and and intricate marry go round. A gift to Stockholm in a time to move on.

Guest Lecture Ball State University, Indiana


Anders Berensson will do a guest lecture about the work of the firm at Ball State University, Architect department on October 29, at noon. Please visit if you are in Indiana.

West Coast- East Coast excursion


The office is closed from the 7th of July to the 10th of August due to an architectural excursion. Anders Berensson has been awarded the ”Wernstedtska resestipendiet” a travel scholarship from Chalmers University’s Architectural Department for gifted architects in arts and research under the age of 35. The travel will be over a month long excursion to study amazing American villas on the West and East-Coast of the USA. The findings of this journey be displayed later on this page.

Preliminary travel map