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Back in Full Scale


After a parental leave from my duties at KTH School of Architecture I am glad to be back running KTH’s Full Scale Studio alongside Anders Berensson Architects . I will try to keep you posted of some future events that the studio is undertaking. Meanwhile you can always visit the studio home page or get a sneak peak of our recent adventures below.

Material harvesting

This year the studio try to keep a low budget and a low carbon footprint by tearing down old houses and reuse its timber instead of buying new timber from the wood-shop.

Tearing down and old summer house outside Stockholm

Proud to be almost done

Mission completed

Lots of new timber to be reused for new Studio projects


This year we go mobile by building a movable tool-shed that is one bigger unit at School and divided into three smaller parts when out on the town doing projects.

Building the Tri-Shed

Tri-Shed Drawing and material list

Drawing of cuts


Tri-Shed Section

Book release! Full Scale Studio Second Year


As a co-founder and director of the KTH School of architecture, Full Scale Studio. Anders Berensson is proud to present the book ”Full Scale Studio Second Year 2015-2016” containing the amazing work that has been produced during the second year of the studio.

85% says build it!


During the last month our project Klarastaden has gone viral and has been featured in webpages, magazines and tabloids like Techinsider, Citylab, Dezeen, Inhabitat, SVT (Swedish State Television), The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Clarion, Metro, Architectural Digest to just mention a few. One of the news that made us extra happy and surprised is a local voting at the webpage lajkat.aftonbladet.se. 85% of more than 5000 voters says build it! We are uttermost proud to be crowd pleasers!

West Coast- East Coast excursion


The office is closed from the 7th of July to the 10th of August due to an architectural excursion. Anders Berensson has been awarded the ”Wernstedtska resestipendiet” a travel scholarship from Chalmers University’s Architectural Department for gifted architects in arts and research under the age of 35. The travel will be over a month long excursion to study amazing American villas on the West and East-Coast of the USA. The findings of this journey be displayed later on this page.

Preliminary travel map